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Bittorrent automatically sets up an upload limit


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I encountered a problem with my Bit Torrent program. I have an issue that the websites i get my stuff from request a download/upload ratio, and seeding became a problem to be, because i can't leave the computer alone as the program automatically sets up an upload limit. Mostly it sets up at 20-40 kb/s, but sometimes gets on to 300kb/s. and this really gets on my nerves as sometimes people seed off me at speeds up to 1mb/s and i really want my ratio on those sites to be good. So is this some kind of bug or just the system is somehow reacting to something bad? =D It doesn't matter if i download or just let it seed, the upload limit automatically randomly chooses a speed and sets up.

I have a router set up, tho hell knows how this works as this computer is set up directly to a line. just passes the router (to which i connect my laptop (or used to connect until it decided to become an oven)) =D

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