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uTorrent freezes Windows (100%CPU) after begining a download


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The problem did not just effect uTorrent, it effected my entire Windows. Whenever I am downloading anything either from FF or uTorrent, the mouse would jerk and computer would lag.

FIX: Uninstall Malwarebytes Antivirus.

Windows 7 x86

Intel Pent 4 2.80

3.0GB Memory

uTorrent 2.0.1

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 a few weeks ago and have been using uTorrent since. Until today, uTorrent has worked properly.

When I begin a download a torrent in uTorrent (from STOPPED to START), Windows will become very lagy. The cursor will skip around the screen and it is almost impossible to close uTorrent or open the Task Manager. uTorrent.exe will shoot up to 100% CPU.

The problem will stop immediately though when I either close uTorrent or if I can STOP/PAUSE the download in the uTorrent application. Accordingly, I will try to START the download again and I have the same problem.

I have ESET Smart Security 4 Business Edition installed. I have toggled with it to set exceptions for uTorrent. I have also disabled the Firewall Protection and Antivirus Protection and then tried to begin the download and I have no luck. MalwareBytes is also installed but not running.

I have used uTorrent for a number of years on XP and have never had a problem. Please help me out! Thanks

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