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Find Orphaned Unfinished Files


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Basically a thing that allows me to search a folder for .!ut files that are not associated with a currently loaded torrent. Useful for drive crash recovery and system migrations that do not allow for directly moving utorrent with settings intact or potentially a badly orchestrated folder reorganization

I recently had a fatal defraging accident so I've had to redownload a lot of stuff, currently I have a backlog of roughly 200GB of unfinished files, most of which should have .!ut extensions, but while I can search for those files directly I have no reasonable method for relating them to torrents to make sure I've reloaded all of them. Currently I will not find out if I've forgotten anything until all the ones I do have loaded finish. Assuming optimum download speeds roughly three weeks (monthly cap)

This feature would be even better if it could somehow also find .torrent files and check their file list against the orphans to suggest which torrent I forgot to load or if they're doubles of a torrent that is loaded

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