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Same PC, different internet connections, different results?


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I'm a student in Canada and I've been running utorrent in three scenarios using three different services with the same laptop:

1) University residence

2) Rogers Wimax (2Mbps/256kbps) (Toronto, Victoria)

3) Shaw High Speed (7.5Mbps/512kbps) (Victoria)

I often download new, well-seeded anime torrents and get 300-1000KB/sec from the university. From the Shaw connection, I get similar results maybe topping out at 800-900KB/sec. At any rate, those results are fine.

With the Wimax connection, I get anywhere from 2-250KB/sec (typically 20-120). Signals are not a problem; I have no issues with direct downloads staying above 200KB/sec for hours on end, or streaming 480p (and if I'm lucky, 720p) videos. If the torrent traffic is not hitting my 2Mbps limit, browsing is fine and streaming still works, i.e. if utorrent is not downloading at 2M, it's not because my connection is limited.

Ports forward properly in all three scenarios. Same results with or without router. I can only assume that throttling is taking place, but I thought that Shaw also throttles which I did not notice at all.

I can't confirm for sure, but I vaguely recall torrents running fine using the Wimax modem in Victoria; is it possible that Rogers throttles differently by region? Knowing them, I wouldn't be surprised. I feel that it cannot be a config issue since I'm fine in 2/3 situations, including a throttled ISP.

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Throttling isn't always On/off, ISPs may throttle based on a myriad of conditions/locations and may only throttle a little to a lot based on those conditions.

But it sounds like that Wimax is *heavily* throttled in that area.

3rd link in my signature.

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