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Manually edit torrents as completed? uTorrent wont detect it otherwise


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My uTorrent's resume.dat got corrupted somehow and I was forced to reinstall uTorrent. I'm re-adding all my old torrents but about 100 of them are saying "0% completed". the rest detect fine.

Okay... I know the files aren't corrupted. Its in the exact condition I downloaded it as.

To test, I redownloaded a small file, so it wouldnt hurt my ratio. After is was completed, I changed the download location to where my old ones were (the files it wasnt detecting before).

And it detected it!!

Do you think there's some way to manually edit my resume.dat or whatever file saves the information and set it as completed?

Seems to be my only option as I can't redownload all the files again. Also, Vuze works perfectly. Only uTorrent is having the problems of not finding the files.

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Yeah, me too. I've just done all of those. Still no luck.

There HAS to be a way to edit the config in order to tell it its complete, right? I mean when uTorrent starts up, it knows what's done and not.

Anyone have any ideas?

Again, if I redownload it, then set the download location to the old files, it still checks out fine. Weird.

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