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Aah! Downloading at 4.2 kb/s


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Hey guys. I'm new to the BitTorrent community, so I don't know much about torrenting.

Hope you guys can help me out.

I read the pinned topics regarding speed issues, but it's not helping me much because mainly I don't understand most of what's written in it. :P

I have the yellow triangle of death on the bottom of my torrent window. I clicked on it and managed to manually forward to an open port. I ran the speed test and the port test, and it said that everything was configured properly. I also added the application as an exception to my firewall. Yet the triangle of death still remained. Any ideas as to why my torrent is slow?

I have the 2Wire 2701HG-B and my usual download speed is around 300kb/s.

EDIT: I just tried torrenting the openoffice test torrent and got around 280 kb/s. But the file i'm trying to get is now at 1.2 kb/s. >.<

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