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Automatically add torrent to top of the queue


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Hey there,

Is there a way to set up utorrent to add new torrents to the top of the queue automatically?

I use a program to automatically queue new torrents from RSS feeds.

The problem is that new torrents get added to the bottom of the download queue. I can solve this by manually raising them to highest priority or while adding a torrent, at the dialog that prompts where to save the torrent, i tick the 'Add to top of the queue' check box but would like this to be automated.

Thanks alot,


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yeah, it would be nice to have some command line switch or option to existing /DIRECTORY switch to add torrents to the top of the queue. Typical usage scenario - you constantly have some big torrents downloading, but external applications add small torrents from time to time which you want to be downloaded first. (not so rare for slow connections)

OR make an option for auto-loading function (auto-load torrents from folder) to load them and place on the top of the queue

or both ^)

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