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Speed Reservation


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It is in KTorrent, something like "assured speed", speed reservation. Example: my upload bandwith is 100 kB/s and have 3 torrents (every single one could use the whole bandwidth), and want one of them upload at 80 kB/s (unless the speed decreases) and the other two divide somehow the remaining (which is 20 kB/s).

I want to set the speed the certain way, but if I do it with actual speed limiting (in this case limit the two other torrents to 10 and 10 kB/s), the bandwidth will be idle (only 20 kB/s), but with the feature I suggest, it reserves the speed for one torrent (or more), and in the time they are inactive (no one downloads them from me), the other torrent will not be limited and can use the whole bandwidth.

If I understood it well, it is similar to "Bandwidth allocation" now in µTorrent, but the user can influence this more and set it up exactly as they want...

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