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Updated torrent-file / Adding incomplete file


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Not sure if this topic should be in "Found Bugs" or in "Feature Requests" forum.

The problem relates to the situation, when new downloaded files are converted to the torrent format (to continue the download of the rest of the content). Examples:

1. Updated torrent with new files. For example the TV-serial torrent of the current season, where the new episodes are added. The new torrent is downloaded and executed. It takes old files and starts downloading new files.

2. Old torrent, which is downloading 3 files. The idea is to download the first one by fast ftp (or maybe I already have one) and use slow torrent to download two others of these files. I copy the first file to the appropriate directory, simply "Force Re-Check" (maybe deleting the .!ut file) and the first file is there (and can be uploaded to other users).

The problem is that uTorrent counts everything only in "piece size" and discards all the other information. uTorrent fails to take the already downloaded information. Example:

- we have torrent with two files E01.avi , E02.avi. Both are fully downloaded and are seeding.

- the new torrent has appeared with E01.avi, E02.avi and E03.avi in it.

- I download the new torrent and execute it.

- uTorrent adds the new torrent entry to the list and in "Files" list shows that E01.avi is fully downloaded (like it supposed to show), that non of E03.avi is downloaded (like it suppose to show). But it also shows that the E02.avi isn't downloaded either, because it lacks the last "piece".

There are two problems:

1. the information which has already been downloaded has to be downloaded once again.

2. the E02.avi file is unaccessable and I can't watch it until it redownloads.

I would like uTorrent to be able to use the information from completely downloaded files (even though they lack the starting/ending/middle "piece").

Another thing is that I would really like uTorrent to be able to update the old torrent entry (in torrents-list) and not create the new one with new rating and statistics (it would also be nice to not need to search for the old entry among hundreds and delete it).

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