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proxy server and ipfilter question


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im running windows xp and i just downloaded a ipfilter.dat list from bluetack what folder do i put it in for it to work?

also i have noticed when connected to a proxy server sometimes the proxy server will drop the connection to my utorrent and utorrent will keep downloading using my ip instead of the proxy servers ip. is there a way to make utorrent stop downloading if the connection to the proxy is lost?

if not this would definetly be a good feature request for future releases.

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ipfilter.dat in the folder %appdata%\utorrent and enable it in the Peers tab.

A proxy is not the very best solution to use BT and do p2p (many proxy servers don't support torrenting).

You have to manage that with your firewall (blocking rules), that's the same issue with a VPN client that disconnects.

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i have tried using it through Tor but it is just to slow for bigger files. i have been using the ip-proxy list at hidemyass.com and used a few ukraine and spain proxy servers but they drop my connection after a few minutes into the download.

i have also looked into torrentprivacy.com but they want to enroll you into some BS recurring charge. =\

any proxy servers or vpn's anyone know about that might work with utorrent let me know.

believe it or not i have had better success with emule using its ipfilter and protocol obfuscation feature and only using it on the kad network. it seems the proxy servers cant tell im using a p2p app because emule encrypts in protocol info.

i wouldent mind paying some money for a decent safe proxy or vpn. preffereably located in canada ukraine or spain.

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@ skilo you have to make sure you check the box saying to use and leave all other boxes there unchecked as well and then go to bittorrent section in the configure setting and uncheck all the "Basic Torrent Feature" boxes to stop Ut from using your IP to connect and make sure to check the "Force Protocal" as well. This make it use the proxy server and not your own IP to connect. I know I used this way of downloading. Prevents them from seeing your IP address just the proxy IP....see if that helps you.

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I am tying to force utorrent to only use a proxy connection but it always seems to bypass the checking.

I have the latest version (2.0.2)

in the bittorrent tab nothing is ticked.

in the connection tab nothing is ticked except for authentication , resolve hostnames through proxy and use proxy server for peer-to-peer connections

but it somehow manages to connect to a tracker and download/upload stuff !!

what else do I need to tick to force proxy communication only ?

ahh just worked it out

even though I closed the encryption tunnel (btguard encryption) the tunnel still stays resident until reboot !!!

I found that if I did a reboot and utorrent would not connect. ran the tunnel program and it connected..

worried there for a while..

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i made a simple easy to use bat file with wget to automate updating the ip filter, dosent need to be installed and dosent need any dll files either.

just put the wget.exe file in the windows folder and the bat file on the desktop. when you want to update it just click the bat file on your desktop and it will run the update. to delete it just delete wget from windows folder and the bat from the desktop, very simple.

it uses this ipfilter - http://sourceforge.net/projects/emulepawcio/files/Ipfilter/Ipfilter/ipfilter.dat/download

download is here - http://megaupload.com/?d=RAPOK3B8

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