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Question about remote access...


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Exactly how does the "send" feature of remote access client work? Let's say I'm away at university, I've downloaded an album on my "home" computer, but i want it on my laptop. I remote access my home falcon client, and hit send and voila the torrent loads into my laptop utorrent client! But is that all it does? just load the same torrent into a different computer? or does it download directly from my home computer? i don't see the point if all it does is load the torrent again, i could simply go to piratebay and do it myself, so i assume it has to be connecting to my home computer and downloading directly from there... Can someone please explain this to me?

I ask because my university monitors their bandwidth and they'll block you from sharing P2P, or the ISP will subpoena you, and i was wondering if remote access avoided this. Basically I can't use torrents from my laptop at college because they monitor stuff, so i was hoping i could just download stuff on my home computer and then, without using P2P, transfer it remotely to my laptop at school. is that what remote access does?

I'm sorry that was so long winded but i wanna know!

thanks in advance?

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