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utorrent - issues with regulating upload speed Ver 2.0.1 (build 19248)


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I have the upload limit set to 50 kb/s, which the earlier version did easily. (My connection is quite a bit faster than that.)

This version maxs out at 45 kb/s, when set to 50. What gives?

(When I upgraded the version, the speed suddenly went from 50 to 45, and has stayed their through resetting the upload limit, restart of the application, and reboot of the computer.)

Its sitting now at 39.4, as I write this :(

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If it does, that's not the way it used to work, before I upgraded to the latest version, yesterday.

When I set it to 50 max, it did 50, not 42.5, or whatever. It was only after this last update that it changed (right after I did the update).

How do I figure out overhead, anyway? :)

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