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leechers. I dont want to be one


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There are two different meanings to leecher:

One is just a peer that hasn't completed the download yet (the opposite of a seeder).

The second is someone who takes more then he gives back. This varies from community to community though. For example many private trackers consider people who don't seed back to a ratio of 1 or more leechers, they use statistics on the sites to keep track so keep an eye on your statistics on the site and the rules of the community.

Outside of these private trackers, as long as you play fair you shouldn't worry about what other people think. A lot of people are so busy with ratios they are actually acting stupidly. To play fair just seed as much as you can and keep in mind that in general it is a lot more important to stay and seed on a torrent where there is many peers and only a few seeds even if you already have a high ratio then to stick around on a torrent where there is many seeds and hardly any peers just because you didn't seed back to a ratio of 1:1 yet.

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