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What is Overhead? Please help!


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Hey everyone,

Ive been using Utorrent for a couple of years now and never had a problem, always a 200-500kb/s until recently.

For the past few weeks its been going 0-50kb/s hovering more towards the ~0 mark.

I just updated today to and downloaded the new version of UTorrent and was trying to work out what was wrong and found an 'O' between the 'D' and 'T' on my status bar at the bottom.

I found on the net its called overhead, although what it means alludes me, wikipedia and info on the forum is all double dutch to me... can anyone help explain what this is to someone who is not a computer genius? :) It seems its slowing everyone's download speed considerably... maybe its time to move onto another download engine..

Please help


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In the F1 help file->glossary

Overhead definition

Additional data used and required for communication and coordination between sender and receiver that is not part of the payload data actually being transferred.

Payload definition

The actual data being transferred from sender to receiver, not counting overhead.

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If you turn off net.calc_overhead, it does hide it. But it's actually very useful info, since it shows you the overhead you're generating while downloading and uploading. This means you can see the -real- amount of bandwidth you're using, not just the payload.

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