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kaspersky firewall


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hello all new here

ive just downloaded the stable version of u torrent and i seem to be having problems with it.

i keep getting land attacks when im running u torrent,as soon as i disable u torrent it stops.

im using kaspersky firewall and running windows xp sp1 and ive also got the update patch for the land attack from micrsoft.

ive had to go back to bit tornado for now until i can work out whats wrong lol.

the problem im getting is every 2 secs the dam firewall jumps out at me lol and also my computer seems very slow and has dropped connection and modem reset.

ive read some other threads in the forum but cant find a solution

any help would be greatful

thanks in advance


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If you must use one, use Look 'n' Stop firewall. But be warned, it's not for the beginner.

And it hangs. And dont filter all the protocols. And its pretty vulnerable to flood attacks, etc, etc...

Oh and yes, kaspersky firewall is crap.

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Too bad, but you see this a lot. Kaspersky is a great virusscanner (best detection ratio's around), but they should try to stick with that, or develop something behind the screens that is of comparible quality as their virusscanner (which would be a hell of a job). IMHO, there is no such thing as a good software firewall. I've never seen one, at least, not one which can deal with p2p properly. And there doesn't seem to be a firewall that implements IDS a la Snort :-(

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I've got the same problem with Build 432

Slows my entire internet to a crawl.

Refuses to let me even connect to some sites. (including utorrent.com!)

And when I shut it down it slows my system down as well.

oooo.....Is that the Easter Egg?!?!...

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