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This idea could be a world changer


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Myself, and two other guys wrote http://www.autohotkey.net/~degarb/ahkpod/ Which does a few things no other podcast client has done.

I also wrote rollyerecorder which would record the Rollye James show which was national am radio but now on XM, and soon to be only internet. It pulled 100 new users in a few days up. She took it down since she could not afford the bandwidth hit of all the new podcast listeners. I am awefully tired of NPR shows begging for money to cover bandwidth.

If I love a podcast, I would gladly share it (provided I could cap bitrate and GB shared).

This, my friend, is the marriage of a Torrent client and a podcast client!

The implications for broadcasting are mind blowing. The geo/political implications--with no money limits for a broadcaster--could be the great equalizer that could help stave off the dark age that is descending on us as a civilization.

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A 56k modem could download a 1 GB torrent, though it would probably take over 1 week to do so.

A 56k modem could NOT stream a 1 GB video file.

Trying to playback something realtime while downloading it has a huge opportunity cost...and BitTorrent does NOT handle sequential downloading nicely. (4th link in my signature for more details.)

But if your podcasts are downloadable via .torrent links, good enough...it'd just be hard to post them quickly after each show.

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Not sure what you mean about the 56k reference.

A podcast, by definition, is a video or music show that is posted. The user downloads it quietly in background at night when sleeping, or such. It can be put on an ipod like device or watched/listened to later. A user just needs the xml link to subscribe to the podcast. The podcast client, like the type I posted, must leech out the links, and see if it is something not already downloaded. (my client allows a separate subscription list, manual (for the overly prolific podcasts) and auto lists.

The problem is a podcaster must pay for bandwidth, thus narrowing choices. The cost is cheap to get started podcasting, but it is like a magazine subscription, where more people listening, the more the cost.

You would know more the mechanics of putting up a torrent link.

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