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Cant seed due to change in Directory??? [Noob much]


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I changed the directory from download in my c drive to Download in my external F drive. The file names have not been changed, but I cant seed and it states: Invalid download State, try resuming. I have no clue what this means, besides that it clearly puts the torrent. files in the download F drive, but before it never even showed me the file. How do I get rid of the torrent file after completion of said download, and how do I get my existing files to seed again??? Sorry for the noob questions... plus I tried uninstalling uTorrents, but the directories were saved, so that did me no good... What is the original directory for the torrent. file to be placed in... thanx for your patience and answers...

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1. I have just had the same problem. I have about 40 files (jobs) in the download directory that say "Invalid directory"

2. For each job when I do Set Download Location, it is already set correctly

3. Force Recheck (on the job) does nothing.

4. Or do I have to point to the directory and Force Recheck? How do I point to the directory.

5. I can't Stop. Stop is greyed out.

6. When I Force Start. I am told "files missing".

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