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Scheduler causes blue screen of death


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The last couple of months I have been seriously annoyed by my utorrent computer rebooting all the time. First I figured it might be windows xp screwing up again, so I did a clean install and dumped the utorrent settings from the /Application Data/utorrent folder, just so I could keep my rss downloads. (and my scheduling) I also switched my anti-virus from AVG to Panda and updated drivers for all the gear on that computer.

Next day when two or more simultaneous downloads where turned on during my home office hours (with scheduling on) I screamed and started checking my disks for errors, but no errors found, I was afraid the PSU might be the problem so i got a new one.. but that did not help. I checked the memory for errors, did a clean install again on a new harddrive but without anti-virus and firewall but no go.. that is the time i start figuring out that this might be a utorrent problem, since the computer is dead stable when it is not downloading. Utorrent was the only common program or hardware that might cause problems from the first setup.

I tried all kinds of stuff eliminating Microsoft services like automatic update and so on, but no joy. So about 3 days ago I had an idea, the damed computer never crashes at night when it gets stuff from several RSS feeds and have a way higher download rate than during daytime use. I also rememberd I had no problems like this when I was working in the offices of my client.

So i started fiddling with the Scheduling in Utorrent. When the scheduling is off - no problems at all But the download have some problems:

- when I put a limit to about 800 kb - crashes like crazy

- when I put a limit about 400 kb way more stable than 800 kb but crashes if i try to get 4 or 5 torrents at the same time.

Tweaking the upload does not have any kind of effect on my computer, got a 10 - 10 m.bit line and are seeding almost at the same speed as i download.

My Microsoft developer tools does not seem to be able to pinpoint any error for debugging, and I have not analyzed a memory dump since i programed assembler in the middle of the 90s so it is a bit out of my comfort-zone as a web-developer.

I hope this might be decent feedback and that you can put put this bug into your testing schedule.

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