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a socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host.


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can anyone help me with how to fix this, im guessing that its been taken of line ? but anyway to get things going again i have five big torrents all over 90% done that give this message. I did search the forums/FAQ and got a couple of hits but not for this exact problem. i don't use or have norton (ugh) or mIRC

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sorry 4 taking so long

nope completely uninstalled sygate and washed registry no change @all

UPDATE: after much playing around, two of the sites have test page up so i'm guessing they are gone. The other when i turn off PeerGuardian the message changes to something like no connection could be made as the target machine is actively refusing it. anyway round this?

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Do all your torrents give this error? What firewall do you have? Do you have BitDefender?

Please stop blaming BitDefender for the µtorrent freezings - there must be other reasons: I'm using BitDefender 9 Professional for more than 6 months (combined with ZoneAlarm Free 6.1.737.000).

I never had major problems on any bittorrent clients - before choosing µtorrent as the no.1 client I used also Azureus and BitComet.

I must say µtorrent 1.4.0 is acting superb with this combination of firewalls, never had problems of any kind...

I have 3 friends that all have µtorrent and the same versions of firewalls/antivirus software as I use, and they are having no problems eather.

Considering all the above mentioned, I think the explanation for this issue must be somewhere else.

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