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Here's my Guide for seeding...but which step is incorrect?


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I can build a PC, fix broken GOPs, repair defectively encoded video, and build web sites with all the trimmings, but I can't seed a torrent! I was using the excellent SandBoxie program, but even without it I can't seed with uTorrent. I even tried disabling my firewall and AV. My directories are configured as follows, which work fine when leeching:

"Put new downloads in:" C:\Downloading

"Move completed downloads to:" C:\Completed

"Store .torrents in:" C:\Torrents

"Move .torrents for finished jobs to:" C:\RECYCLER

I'm trying to seed at a private torrent site (Greekadiko.biz), who kindly tried to help. I'm hoping someone with an eye for detail can tell me where in my guide below I am making the error. The steps in my guide won't work on any of my three PCs:

1. Launch uTorrent -> File -> Create a New torrent.

2. Click on "Add directory" if you wish to share multiple files, such as

including an .nfo file, or "Add file" if you wish to share a single file.

NOTE: If sharing multiple files, they must all be located in the same

(single) folder. Only the files you wish to share must appear in the

folder. Do NOT make any changes to the folder or its contents

after creating the *.torrent file.

3. Browse to and highlight the file or directory you wish to share

("Source") -> OK. For example:

C:\Completed\{Source file or folder}.

4. Visit torrent site to which you wish to upload files and obtain the

"Tracker announce URL"; for example:


5. Type in Tracker announce URL script in the "Trackers" field.

6. In "Web seeds" field, <leave blank>

7. In "Comment" field, <leave blank>

8. Do NOT check box "Start seeding" yet.

9. Check "Private torrent" ONLY if limiting the upload to people to

whom you send the torrent. Nobody else will know about the file


10. Click on "Create and save as" button (be patient as process may

take several minutes) -> browse to save location C:\Torrents.

11. Type in name for the torrent file (should already be named) ->

Save -> Close.

12. Re-open torrent site from where you wish to share your files.

13. Login and open uploads page (look for "Upload" in the page menu).

14. From torrent site, browse to and highlight the *.torrent file you

saved on your PC. For example., C:\Torrents -> Open.

15. Add details (category, description, etc.) -> you may type file

name same as the *.torrent file.

16. Click "Send."

17. Download (the *.torrent file) -> Open (Contents of the download

will appear in usual manner.) -> OK

18. Right-click on the torrent name in the main field of uTorrent -> Stop.

19. Right-click on the torrent name again -> Advanced -> Set Download

Location (where you will download the upload content, which is as

if already downloaded).

20. Browse to folder with your upload content (C:\Completed) -> OK.

21. Right-click on the torrent name again in uTorrent -> Start. (uTorrent

should start checking the files. When reaching 100%, seeding will


NOTE: Once initiating the seeding process, do not change the

contents of the folder with the seed data (viz: C:\Completed),

and do NOT exit uTorrent or shut down your PC; otherwise you

will need to re-seed.

You may visit the site where you seeded and search for your

torrent to see how its listed. Once approved, you should see at

least "1" person seeding (you!).


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