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So...I think I accidently became a leecher


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I'm very new to the world of torrents, I actually dowloaded my first one 2 days ago. Well, I didn't really know what seeders and leechers were and I didn't bother to find out.

So the first few things I downloaded I was getting decent speeds, but now on my 5th download I'm getting reaaalllly slow speeds. Sometimes it completely stops.

So I did a little research and apparently after a torrent is done downloading I have to some how seed it? And if I don't I become labeled as a Leecher and my download speeds decrease or something? I know I should of found this out before I torrented but I didn't, so I'm trying to fix it now.

So from what I've gathered I need a higher share ratio to get better speeds. My share ratio right now is .361. Is it possible to get that back up and how?

Sorry if all these questions have been answered somewhere. If someone could just direct me to the info I need I'd be grateful.


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