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Question about availabilty


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I read the FAQ What does availabilty mean?

The way I understand that is, I only have to be concerned while downloading. Is this correct?


I'm downloading a torrent with over 10000 seeds and have an avaiabilty of 52.xxx from 53 seeds and 7 peers.

Once I have 100% and the seeds drop off, and I connect to more peers, the availability drops off. Still have over 10000 seeds, 8000 peers, I'm connected to 18 of the peers. Availibilty sometimes shows only 1.xxx.

Does that mean my copy is the only one visible?

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I wasn't concerned about the number of seeds I'm connected to when downloading, but how it relates when I create and seed a torrent, it completes and gains new seeds, that can then continue seeding.

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