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Problem is the speed upload.

Ilya Skuratov

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In English I'm not saying take translate.google.ru, sorry ..

I observed the following scene, the tracker that are located in Amsterdam, I note sruzu, not all trackers are.

Maximum upload speed is less than 100Kbs is the ultimate dream, if you disable maksimalnogo number of hands, you can raise up to 100, but in the medium speed is 30-70Kbs.

Thus, the local providers cut Russian upload traffic, upload it because when downloads, skrosot beautiful, according to the tariff

Can someone about komentirovat? There are ways to fight?

I'm trying to understand why I, for example in Ukraine, at 2Mb-m-m 100MB channels through Amsterdam tracker will give speeds of 100Kbs.

I want to say that if I do that then download or cast in via FTP, I have speed soglano tariff plan:

- This is from one IP: 796337117.png

- This is from a different IP: 796340072.png

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