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Bandwidth Allocation option a joke?


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So I've got a few torrents lined up. I select one that I want to download quickly, and one that I want to take it's time, like in the background. So I set the higher priority one on "high" allocation, and the other on "low."

So I started the more important one, and it ran at maybe 80kb/s for a little while, then I started the second, which immediately shot to 80kb/s itself, but my more important one dropped to 10kb/s!

Why is it doing this? Even if I set the allocation to normal again, the one still outrules the other. The only way I can get any kind of speed on the more important one is to stop all my torrents all together. As soon as I start another torrent, this one drops to (roughly) 10kb/s, never going over 20. I don't understand why it's doing this, with 3 seeds and multiple peers. It's quite frusterating.

I'm running Windows Vista with utorrent v 2.0.1. I'm behind a firewall and router but both have port forwarding rules allowed. I'm on a cable internet connection. And when I ran the test torrent, I got 120kb/s within seconds (which I've never seen on any of my regular torrents to begin with!).

Please help!

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I also have comcast with similair results. I don't remember exactly, just that I've never seen actual speeds close to what it's rated at.

What I want to know why/how to fix is when the torrent will be going at good speed until I start another torrent. Even if the second torrent isn't going very fast, my main torrent will still drop to 20kb/s or so anyway, until it's downloading exclusively.

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