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uTP kills my router


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Hi, I noticed this today after upgrading to 2.0.1 with "Bandwidth Management" active, that my internet connectivity just died down after a few minutes (or seconds) of running µTorrent with one torrent active (at like 2MB/sec down speed).

Now this has never happened to me before, and my router isn't exactly the cheap kind (AVM Fritz!Box 7390, which has quite a good reputation afaik), but it just doesn't respond anymore, I cannot even access the admin page when this happens, even minutes after I shut down µTorrent. Only solution is to turn the router off and on again.

How can this possibly be caused by an application running on a client in the LAN? I mean, I have everything disabled that allows access to the router configuration (like UPnP), how can uTorrent still kill my router?

Needless to say, everything runs fine after disabling said "bandwidth management" in the options, but I'm still highly disturbed that this is even possible.

Could anyone please shed some light on the technical background of this behaviour?

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I assume you've disabled the SPI firewall in it?

Well, no. I don't even know if that is easily possible, however, I'd rather disable uTP and be done with it.

Still, does it open so many more connections using uTP than without? Because I have no problems whatsoever with uTP disabled, so I wonder if it really is a connection limit issue.

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