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uTorrent versions above 1.85 Slow as a snail and consuming network.


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After upgrading uTorrent 1.85 i been having nothing but problems in the form of slow internet and slow downloads.

Somehow it consumes all my datatraffic.

I reinstalled 1.85 and everything was fine again. Thought I would be better of waiting for another upgrade.

However with the latest version I have the same problem.

What's going on?

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Sadly, a new special feature (overhead estimation) causes weird behavior since it limits max speeds when in effect.

Preferences, Advanced net.calc_overhead = false to disable.

uTP, which defaults to ON for both incoming and outgoing in v2.0 and later, also can run poorly to completely awful on marginal networking hardware (routers) and software (firewalls).

Preferences, BitTorrent disable Bandwidth Management to disable uTP...though this can limit connected peers/seeds!

1st and 2nd links in my signature -- there could be far more issues causing you problems.

Also try rafi's v2.0.1 Migration Guide here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=74820

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I have an adapter in bridge mode (so no crappy router) but there was the same problem after µTorrent upgrading. Download speeds until yesterday were about 450-470 and after upgrading 5-6 :-)) As I can see (on newsgroups) everyone has the same problem and downgrading to 1.8.5 solves the problem.

However, after reading this very thread I've tried changing the options and seems that putting net.calc_overhead back to false solved the problem.

I don't know if there's a connection between changing the option from the default value, but now I have to manually kill the µTorrent process after closing the program. Trying to open it (after closing) again results in two instances running + error: It seems like µTorrent is already running but not responding. Please close all µTorrent processes&try again.

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