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Demonoid exremely slow downloads 0-0.2 kB/s


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I followed all the setup recommendations (port forwarding, settings, etc...)

Glasnost shows no ISP throttling issues

Online upload/download speed tests work fine

Although not blazing, test downloads like slackware settle in at about 180kB/s

Ctrl-G utorrent setup guide: Bandwith FAILS (red X) irregardless of drop down list server

Network Port Test Always tests OK/Green

All torrents(including slow demonoid) show green check at bottom

Didi notice that all slow Demonoid torrents have only 1-2 seeds and 1-2 peers, whereas slackware test download has 20 or more

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't know what settings you're using, nor the speed of your line, nor if you've researched how your ISP is crippling BitTorrent traffic.

Glasnost isn't the "final word" anymore on ISP throttling...ISPs have found how to cheat on the tests!

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