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I wrote a small application to create more advanced features web ui

+ Displays all the columns in the list of torrents \ tracker \ peers \ files

+ Copy standard dialog to add files

+ Automatically searches similar pathes in specified folders to filename

- Blocks access to user interface during use

- utorrent should be named "uTorrent.exe"

Download: http://bit.ly/bXP9H2

I use it on my NAS server with Windows ( tested on Xp,Seven,2003)

Written in C++Builder and using Extjs framework

Tested on UTorrent 2.0.4 and older

default port - 40001 (go to )

username / password don't require when extUI_Password is blank

Token must be enabled in UTorrent

After changing the settings need to stop and start the app

some screens:











Download: http://bit.ly/bXP9H2

unzip to a folder and run web_ui_ext.exe (

click AutoConfig to set options automatically


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More instructions would be great...

Anyway, the idea seems to exactly what I was looking for. Hovewer when I poing my browser to I get ''1.01.2100'' is not a valid date.

This happens on 2 machines. One machine is Win XP with all .NET frameworks installed.The other machine is CentOS + wine1.3.1 + .NET 2.0. I get exactly the same message on both.

Hope this gets fixed

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Oh... Just download and install... But...

1. I can't view peers, files, ect (there is blank spreadsheet)



Log is:


LOADING..... PLEASE WAIT.....don't move cursor!

Find ParentWND: 90380

Find main: 60027E

Find subDialogmain: 901C6

Find LGridWnd: E01AA

Find TorListGridWnd: 90264

Find TabsPanelWnd: 1101EA

Find GenTabWnd: 7A0334

Find TrackTabWnd: 90266

Find PeersTabWnd: 100398

Find FilesTabWnd: 1C0302

HTTP/1.1 400 ERROR


HTTP/1.1 400 ERROR

TOKEN: Socket Error # 10054

Connection reset by peer.

File cached: /ui_settings.js

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

TOKEN: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

Request API: _dc=1284915167664&qlist=1&tID=&shfields=1001000111101111101101000101000000000000&crit=1&sort=Added_On&dir=DESC&start=0&limit=100

Request API: &ext=speedimage&crit=1&1284915167909&w=986&h=95

Request API: _dc=1284915167926&ext=get_info

File cached: /resources/images/gray/grid/grid3-special-col-sel-bg.gif

Request API: _dc=1284915169688&ext=g_list&hash=

Request API: &ext=speedimage&crit=1&1284915169692&w=986&h=95

Access violation at address 00470347 in module 'web_ui_ext.exe'. Read of address 34304344

Request API: _dc=1284915169697&ext=get_info

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

TOKEN: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

Request API: _dc=1284915171889&ext=g_list&hash=


HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

TOKEN: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized repeats every 3-30 sec..

2. Please, add dialog (like a standard), where i can select WHICH files I can download, when adding torrent.

Thanks )

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