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uT gets mixed up between file names and directory names...


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repro steps:

1. downloading a torrent <name> with file name <name>.ut

3. Another app, is starting activity (download) in the SAME download path, but into a subdirectory .

4 the subdirectory had the same name - <name>

5. as soon as it created this new subdirectory - uT started to cry out: "Error: access is denied"

apparently - it tries to access the new <name> subdir and not the <name.!ut> file any more ... :P (maybe probably thinking it's a file, and tries to rename it to .ut ?)

Well, I think uT should not mix between files and directories even if they have the same name :P

Can you solve this small issue in the next release - 2.02 please ?

Thank you


if the other app - is not accessing this subdirectory - it even renames it to <name>.!ut :P

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