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Giving up


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I posted on this thread, someone had the exact same issue as me. Since upgrading to the most recent utorrent it has slowed downloads to days rather than minutes, there is more ifo on the thread. As I had the same issues, e.g. utorrent was as slow as a week in jail, my pc slowed up drastically, my browser was choking and taking ages to load pages, just exactly like the OP of the other post said.


I was told that I was hijacking the thread and that my issue wasn't the sam, yes it was, I've been reading in English for 48 years so I did understand the guys probkem, mostly because it is the same as mine.

I have used u torrent for about 4 or more years now and bnever had an issue, so tonight was the first time I even had to come to this foum and ask anything.

I think I was treated rudely and I felt an evasion to actually address the issue that the update has botched up utorrent and my pc.

I have had a torrent sitting on utorrent all day today and it still has 3 hours to go, of course it jumps from 3 hours to 4 days. This is with (at the monet) 98 seeds and only 8 peers.

I have downloaded vuse and am downloading the exact same torrent. I only did it ten minutes agao and the torrent will be done in 19 minutes and 2 seconds.

I'm uninstalling utorrent due to the issue with it as well as the way I was treated on my first visit to the forum.

Feel free to delete this after you read it as I'm sure you don't want everyone to know how unhelpful you are.

This update is botched and it is screwing my pc, end of.

I'm sad to find out that the people behind utorrent are like this. When I think of all the people I have introduced to this tool, well I'll just have to introduce them to vuse now

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