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low upload speeds while downloading


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So the old utorrent versions worked fine, no speed problems at all. 2.0.1 my download speeds are about what they should be but the problem is while I am downloading a torrent with a lot of peers (and not that many seeds) presumably they would be happy taking advantage of all my available upload...utorrent won't max my upload. The second my download finishes utorrent has no problems maxing out my upload. Any ideas what might be the cause of this? Adding more upload slots or enabling "use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90%" do nothing. And just to be clear using older versions of utorrent I can pretty much max my download and upload at the same time. I'm on a 10Mbit/10Mbit connection. Below pics to clearly show what happens. And this isn't a one time occurance. It's been a problem with all the newer versions and I see same thing happening all the time. New versions of utorrent simply won't use even half my available upload while downloading the same file. Old versions had no problems.



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