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Bitcomet broke my utorrent!


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Hi I joined these forums just to say this:

I recently tried to install bitcomet 1.20 because (I was a fool) there were quite a few posts and experiments that said bitcomet has the fastest download speeds and I really thought I needed something faster, my highest download speed on utorrent WAS 30kb/s which is very fast for me but you know, I was greedy.

After I installed bitcomet I started it up and the second it started, my utorrent download speed went from 28kb/s to 0.5kb/s!

So I quit bitcomet to see if there was a difference, there wasn't, so I uninstalled bitcomet to see if there was a difference, there WASN'T!

So now because of my greed, and that F***ING dirty player Bitcomet, I cannot download anything because my download speed is now 0.5kb/s to 3kb/s.

If anyone else has found this problem tell me if you've found a way to reverse it.

My download speed right now is 0.1kb/s!!!

Edit: btw I am running uTorrent 2.1 Alpha

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Probably most ISPs in your area heavily disrupt/throttle BitTorrent:



Try the 1st (slow speed section), 2nd, and 3rd links in my signature.

Also try rafi's uTorrent v2.0.1 Migration Guide here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=74820

...And switch to uTorrent v2.0.1 stable build. v2.1 Alpha has serious issues! (It's very buggy atm...next builds hope to be better.)

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