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uTorrent disconnects wireless


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I'm using Windows Vista and uTorrent version 2.0.1.

Each time I open my uTorrent, all of a sudden my internet connection becomes slower,

and eventually, I am disconnected from my wireless network.

Does anyone know what the reason for this is?

And if this has been posted before somewhere else, I'm sorry.

But I don't really feel like reading though a hundred topics.

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It's a D-Link, model: DIR-635

I use this network now but I kind of live at two different places at the moment and therefor I travel a lot back and forth, switching between networks. I use another network and another adapter when I'm at the other address.

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you should know I had no problem with this last time I was here with the same computer.

I was here two months ago and then it worked fine.

if you know there's a guide for this I'd be glad if you let me know.

but if you don't want to help me - that's up to you.

edit: there are two network adapters installed at my computer

broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller

Intel Wireless WiFi Link

I'd guess the last one is currently in use.

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I had this problem using Windows 7 x64 bit.

Utorrent 2.0.2

I know for certain it is no problem with my network card, modem/router or connection/ISP as I was torrenting FINE before I changed from Windows XP professional to Win7 x64.

I had tried every other fix I could find, including the forum signature fixes, max open port fixes, Windows 7 connection optimizer fixes, and all the regedit/cmd fixes I could find, including the packet offloading.

To fix it, I simply switched to uTorrent 2.0.2, Clicked Options > Preferences > Connection > Untick "Enable UPnP port mapping".

This has allowed me to play online uninterrupted (My internet is not disconnecting anymore as it was) since I have changed it. Please make sure you have manually forwarded your uTorrent ports before disabling UPnP.



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