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utorrent v2.0.1 speeds always fluctuating.better in bitorrent 6.4


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I have been using bitorrent 6.4 and utorrent 2.0 for a long time.

I have been downloading the same torrents,with the same settings in both the clients,but i have found that utorrent's speed are always changing (fluctuating) while bitorrents speed is always constant.

I get speeds of 56-57 KBps (avg) on my 512Kbps connection using Bittorent 6.4

But i barely manage to get around 49 KBps (avg) in utorrent 2.0.1

IS this due to Utorrents utp???

Also i have forwarded my ports and done the necessary settings in utorrent.

But even then the speeds are fluctuating like a wave when seen on the speed graph.

Pls provide a solution to this problem....

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Does downloading the same torrents in 2 clients download the torrent any faster?

If it does I'll start using 3 or 4. I already have uTorrent, Transmission and qBittorrent, just need to add Vuze.

It's is probably due to uTorrent's overhead.

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hey guys

i think i found the solution to this problem

Options-->Preferences---> Bittorent-----> disable Bandwith Management.

Doing this provides constant speed.

But i have seen that it is not connecting to peers using uTP protocol....

Any other solution....

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