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nightmode utorrent?


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Hey got idea but it was a bit long to say in the idea section so i thought i would take it here

so night mode for me is an extra panel witch would work as a dropdown menu where u can set how much to upload and then u can choose from the alternatives shut down after that or something else

so like a drop down menu where you choose maybe the rate of the upload/how much to upload and what to do when the figure is complete

and night mode for me isnt just that it would be nice with 2 different fully different designs on it night mode same but everything sleek black

and what do i meen with that i meen some kind of theme picker built in that not only changes som icones rather the whole design and giving user more free space to create something unique

also another thing ive noticed about the new torrent version you gotta seed to get speed

rims good so far but isnt that good as ive noticed

at my home i im on a stable 50/50 connection fiber and works fine there no issue at all the issue comes when im on a lower connection lets say 8/1 24/1 or maybe even 2 upload but thats not the points the point is with adsl if you maximum your upload that much u will only get 1/6 of you original speed isn't it better to keep it like it was so people can seed after i rather download the file at 2.6mb sec then seed 100-200kb/sec then download at 300kb sec and upload at 100-200 same time so and yeah you could come say depends on torrent seeds etc.... but since ive done so much research about it believe that is an issue

at least for me when im on a adsl connection sometimes i rather download then seed when i watch the movie not wait for the movie all day and seed wile if you do it that way the way that you get what you seed then your forcing people into seeding and that is a inappropriate way i think

thats all for me


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