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Skipping file bug.


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I've been looking at this bug since the skipping file feature was fully implemented, trying to figure out how I might work around it. As yet, I haven't been able to find any. The bug involves skipping files on initial torrent addition where the skipped file has not yet been created. The easiest way to explain is with an example.

A torrent file contains these files and sizes:

1.pdf 3MB

2.pdf 5MB

3.pdf 5MB

4.pdf 10MB

If 1.pdf is skipped over, the last 3MB of 4.pdf remains in the part file. If 2.pdf or 3.pdf is skipped over, half of 4.pdf remains in the part file. If both 2.pdf and 3.pdf are skipped over, the entire 4.pdf data remains in the part file and 4.pdf never gets created.

Essentially, utorrent will create and insert pieces into files up to X where X is the total size of the unskipped files. Pieces beyond X remain in the part file. Setting pre-allocating disk space option to true does nothing. Forced rechecking only causes another bug. Manually creating a 0byte file of the same name as one of the uncreated files also does nothing.

Also, when the last file is not among those skipped over, the last piece disappears when forcing a recheck.

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Compact allocation doesn't seem to matter. When it is off, the files not skipped still are not allocated.


Any multi-file torrent should exhibit this behavior, though it would work best if the majority of the files are similar (but not equal) in size and there are more than 10 files in the torrent. Piece size should be less than half the average file size. Otherwise, it happens for pretty much every torrent.

The only time I could imagine this not happening is perhaps when the total size of the skipped files are smaller than a full piece. However, I haven't yet encountered any torrents where I can test this, since skipping files at the end of the torrent can neither confirm nor deny the presence of the problem.

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On for some torrents, off for others. As I've said, it didn't seem to make a difference. In both cases, the unskipped files were not allocated beforehand. I haven't tested manually allocating the space for files at the end of the torrent and then starting the torrent with skipped files in the middle, but if the bug is what I think it appears to be, even if the space was allocated for the files at the end of the torrent, the pieces that belong at the end would still not get placed there and instead remain in the part file.

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I have the same problem i think, i have choosed to skip ALL samples but after its ready i see all samples are downloaded, most of them partly.

Why it is doing that? I have skipped them all before the torrent has started, so they had to be empty and stay empty. I use

See screenshot...


If you want to know more, ask me...

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Ah i see, i thought i have clicked on the right column because there are 2 columns called "pieces" too. I see now they downloaded partially due to the files overlapping pieces.

The itty bitty files you called is in total 246 MB. Very needles to download (and also upload it to fix my ratio) :(

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