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Lotsa seeds and peers, but no or few active downloaders


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Pardon my newbie lack of the correct vocabulary, but I recently ran into a phenomenon with BitTorrent. I used to download multiple (10+ or so) torrents at the same time, regardless of how many or how few seeds there were at any given time. I could reach 140Kb downloads easily.

Now, despite a plethora of seeds and peers, I see little or no actual downloading hosts downloading files. For example:

Somefile 0 (25) and 0(145)

The first pair is seeds, the next peers.

Occasionally I can trickles from a couple at the same time, but nowhere near as before. I thought I was being throttled by my provider (Time/Warner Cable) but running Glasnost and other such programs says otherwise. Is my setup whacked? I have tried some of the techniques in the FAQ's to no avail. I probably have something out of order but for a long time BitTorrent ran flawlessly.

Thanks for your advice in advance,


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