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Port Forwarding


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Okay, I'm new at this so bare with me.

I am having problems doing the port forward. When I look at the examples on the portforward page, it shows a YES for DHCP, but mine isnt activated. I dont know if this is the problem, so I'll keep explaining.

I have 3MB/512 DSL through Sprint. I use a DLink DL604 Router. I followed all the instructions for my router etc but when I click on the button to see if its forwarded properly, it tells me the port is closed and it shows me a different IP addy then the one ipconfig shows.

Am I doing something a**backwards or what? I can't figure this out. If someone could direct me to some information I would really appreciated.

Thank you very kindly for your time and efforts.

Oh PS, I can still upload and download its just very slow, sorry forgot to add that info.

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Thank you all.

I did the firewall rule thingie and while it still keeps doing a fail on the portforwarding, uploading has definitely speeded up, as well as a boost to downloading.

It seems to have helped. And yeah this router is a PoS, soon to get a new one.

I appreciate all the help tremendously.

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