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Why cant I download anything?


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Im new to Torrent and im currently using 'Torrent 1.4'. When I type in a subject in the search box a new window is opened from which i save the file to my computer and open it in 'torrent' but none of the files will download.

It says 'seeds - 0 of 0 connected (0 in swarm)'

'peers - 0 of 0 connected (0 in swarm)'

Tracker status - offline - timed out

DHT Status - Announcing

Avaliablity is also 0.000

None of this means anything to me, as im used to dealing with 'Bearshare, Imesh' etc etc.

Can anyone help me with this....I really dont have a clue what is going on

I also cant help but feel ive been ripped off as i paid £11 for Torrent through www.tv.org, wen it seems its avaliable for free......Im a little bit annoyed!!!

Hope someone can help....thanx

Craig Wilson

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First, demand your money back.

Second, try using some big and well known torrent site to start your downloads.

For example, try http://www.torrentreactor.to or http://www.tvrss.net

Dont use the search, its not like imesh or bearshare, bittorent isnt a one big searchable network, but a distribution protocol. Just google for something like "bittorrent tutorial" to learn more about it.

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Yes, demand your money back. If it was paid with a credit card, contact your credit card company.

Tracker offline means just that, the tracker is offline. If DHT cant' find any peers either, the torrent may likely just be dead. So, you'll have to find it on another site and hope for the best.

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