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Crash Dump Has Been Saved


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  • 2 months later...

Im using a windows 7 upgrade for about 10 months and now im getting the the same thing

"µTorrent has crashed. A crash dump has been saved as:


How would you like to proceed?

> Submit this dump to developers

> Just relaunch the application

> Don't relaunch the application or send a crash dump"

Ive tried all three and they dont work, even unistalling it and then reinstalling again and it still comes up with the same message

Please Help!

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Of course all three don't 'work' They're not fix buttons, they only send the information to the developers so that they can figure out what is going on and if there is a bug in utorrent they can find a work around. First thing you should do however is update utorrent, you're using a version thats been out for a while. The newest version may not have this problem for you.

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  • 4 months later...
Keep getting this message every time. I don't know how to fix it. Any suggestions? I've also tried reinstalling the program. I'm running on Windows Vista.

BUMP Please Admins!!!

I'm having the same issue Jon299 is having....

{{µTorrent has crashed. A crash dump has been saved as:


Try closing, disabling, or uninstalling these program(s) to see if the problem goes away:

'NVIDIA Application filter' (nvlsp.dll)

How would you like to proceed?}}


Vista - 64-BIT

µTorrent 2.2 (build 23232)

copyright - 2010 BitTorrent, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.

Thanks for using this FREE program. We hope you like it.

If you paid for it, get a refund!

Thanks to ludde, Serge Paquet, zygron, and Firon for all the help.

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Also, I use KasperskyAV... I have:

-opened Settings

-clicked 'Threats and exclusions'

-clicked 'Trusted zone...'

-clicked 'Trusted applications' tab

-clicked ADD

-clicked µTorrent -- C:\Program Files (86)\µTorrent\µTorrent.exe

-clicked OK - APPLY - OK

-relaunched µTorrent - problem persists.

This version of µTorrent works just fine on my old laptop, btw. What's up with µTorrent & faster/up-to-date pc's?






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