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Everything disappeared from my Downloads folder


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I was just in the middle of downloading something (a patch) a few hours ago into the folder all my torrents are initially saved. While this was going on, I was patching from another file in the same folder. At this point, I checked my drive properties to make sure that I had enough space for what I was downloading (and I did). However, all of a sudden, my patching stalls and won't start again. I check for the reason why, and I realize that aside from the active torrent (the patch) that I was downloading, all the contents of the entire folder (including the file I was patching from) was wiped. I check the size of my drive, and it suddenly had 78GB more of free space. The patch I was downloading completed its download without issue and is now the sole occupant of my Downloads folder.

A quick perusal through my various documents and program files folders shows nothing immediately amiss. My utorrent client seems to account for all the torrents. The torrents I had been seeding at the time failed and got "Error: Invalid download state" errors due to the files no longer existing. Recycle bin was empty. Obviously, there was no dialog box that asked me whether or not I wanted to delete everything in the folder. I ran ChkDsk on the drive, and nothing seemed to come up.

Has anyone ever had this issue before? I'm not holding out much hope for recovering my previously downloaded files, but it would at least be nice to make sure that spontaneous folder wipes without warning don't continue to happen.

FYI, I am currently running v.2.0.1.

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