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uTorrent kills Trillian YIM webcam.


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I have a USB webcam, which I use with Trillian Pro 3's Yahoo! Messenger plugin.

Works fine, unless I run uTorrent. Then, it consistently stops the webcam after a few minutes of connecting.

My best guess was that it was a networking problem, but using ZoneAlarm to block uTorrent from using the ports that Trillian was using (as shown by Fport) didn't resolve the problem.

Now my suspicion is, the trillian webcam module can't cope with non-webcam stuff connecting to the port that it listens on. And external torrent clients are connecting to that port.

Does that sound likely? If so, clearly not a utorrent problem, but has anyone else experienced this problem and found a fix?

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Network connection's via an unbranded USB wifi dongle to a wireless router (Asus WL-330G) in transparent configuration (no firewalling, NAT or routing) plugged into to an unknown (provided by landlord) DSL router, no ports blocked, no NAT, no DHCP. So my machine has a valid, static IP address with the landlord's DSL router as the default route.

This is definitely NOT a uTorrent problem, and is quite clearly a problem with Trillian. I'm just curious if someone else has encountered the problem and found a fix.

Changing ports, either on trillian or on utorrent, does not fix the problem.

Trying a different torrent client (TrustyFiles) does not fix the problem.

Not running any torrent client, does fix the problem.

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