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Fw: clean and restart failed torrent need?


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this topic try reborn of previously posted and trashed:


DreadWingKnight posts:

>>if you are getting CRC errors, you need to run system-level disk checking utilities.

>>Having uTorrent remove the pieces won't solve the issue.

i work on NTFS. on the same filesystem at same time was normaly checked and seeded\downloaded many other torrents, and that failed torrent stands out from them. and since FS works well, imho, it is great chances to repair downloaded data by reloading failed areas.

another note - damaging of some areas in downloading file can be caused not only by FS failures, but also some other activities - another buggy programs, user can try edit this file , viruses....

if i got such failure again, i of couse check FS and try to copy torrent data to ensure you that it is ok.

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How it can be sensed? as i know OS hides hard level, and even FS level. do you wanna say that this error caused by file access error returned by OS API? why it is named CRC error? i udnerstands it as CRC invalidating after checking.

so what message reports (what happen) if downloaded contents damaged and, successfuly readen, but CRC check fails? it there any possibility to distinguish file access error and CRC check error?

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