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HELP!!!! No internet browsing after installing utorrent


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Dear Team,

I was using utorrent on my old laptop which was working perfectly fine on ADSL connection (256 Mbps) as well as on USB wireless internet card (2.1 Mbps).

Yesterday I got a new laptop with TREND Micro Office Scan installed. After installing utorrent I am not able to download/surf using the USB wireless internet data card. I have not yet checked the same on ADSL connection.

Please help me in resolving the same.

Thanks in anticipation...


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"ADSL connection (256 Mbps)"

There is no ADSL service that fast. Even VDSL2 (which is only vaguely similar to ADSL) maxes out around 250 megabits/second download.

Try the test torrents mentioned in 1st link in my signature.

If they fail to work, please report back what error messages the trackers are getting...AND what error messages you're seeing in the the Logger window/tab. You'll probably need to right-click in the Logger window a few times to enable logging of all but verbose messages.

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@ rafi: Right now i am connected through USB data card and able to browse internet, but the moment i start utorrent... BANG everything goes for a toss... No internet browsing and utorrent also doesn't download any torrent....

@ rafi n Switeck: I am just checking through your links in signatures to figure out a way....

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