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I/O Device Error?


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I encountered the following problem when downloading certain stuff on Utorrent. After awhile, a msg reads: "Error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error" Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I got the same error and I've searched the forum but there's very little incident reported regardng this

"The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."

This happened on a well seeded torrent and I've monitored the speed graph. It was downloading at around 20~80 Kbps and suddenly there was a spike that shot up to > 150 Kbps. Then the "I/O device error" followed and the torrent stopped. I started the torrent again and after 30 seconds, the spike came up and then error then stopped. It's annoying to manually start every 30 seconds.

To trouble shoot, I only allow one torrent to be run. I've tried manually setting the disk queue cache but it seems whenever there's a spike, something just cannot handle it and it crapped out.

Pls advise.

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Bumping this up as I am getting the same error on a torrent i'm seeding. I have about 40 torrents seeding from a USB external hard drive and get this error every few days but only for the one torrent, none of the others get the fault. Is it just because it's an external drive? Or is it still likely to be a hardware fault?

Thanks :)

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Hi there guys, hopefully a problem solver for you!

I have had the problem appear a few times randomly and have found out what is causing it.

It can be one of two things, the first being as was suggested before about having one or more bad sector on your hard-drive/usb drive etc. However this would only ever effect downloading torrents, as a seeding torrent that you can use clearly is not saved onto bad sectors, as you would also get other errors relating to those files.

Which brings us to the problem that I belive is the main cause of this error appearing in uTorrent, which is that at certain points the read/write speed of the drive is being temporarily exceeded hence causing the error.

I have come to this conclusion mainly as this only ever seems to appear on well seeded torrents when downloading and poorly seeded torrents on uploads (this is only from my experiences).

Sorry I am taking a long way around here guys I just simply wanted to explain how I have come to what I am saying before giving, what may sound like stupid instructions.

As Ang said earlier about seeing a 'spike' in the DL speed just before the error occurs, this is what I also found, and also the same happening as a 'spike' in the UL speed when you are seeding.

From what I can tell this is as you obtain either multiple connections at once or one fast connection when downloading or uploading, as most of you may have notice the speed increases in torrent DL's/ and UL's are normally gradual rather than instantanious but shortly before this error occurs it usually is.

So basically, the idea is to limit the speed of your torrents by lowering your global UL and DL speeds to around 100kbps, I have found this always works, however there is another way to overcome the error if you do have a hard-drive with bad sectors, this does only work on torrents which contain multiple files and you will no be able to download all the files, but often it is only one of them affected so you can skip files at random and hopefully get most of what you were wanting! ( I discovered this by replicating the problem on an old drive which I knew was faulty, and forcing the file to save across bad sectors)

I would like to hear from other people to find out if this is any help, and if they have found any other occurances of this error within uTor.

Technically alot of the guys above putting it down to a hardware error are technically correct as upgrading RAM and/or getting a hard drive with a greater read/write speed or in drastic cases a better board would also solve the problem. I am adding this as it is all valid, and I do not want to dismiss help provided above.

I am trying to work on a more permanant fix to help out us guys with crap machines to keep good DL/UL speeds without having to limit ourselves like this, but for the time being this is the best I can do!

Many thanks for reading guys I hope I have been some help


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Error possibility #3

I read your touts and it just did not seem wright with what i have at my home (brand new hard drive that passed drive error test and my internet is limited by my ISP to 30kB/s) so my fear come back

It is my first idea that proved right, my system regardless to the settings to be Always On in the Power Management is doing something to the hard drive (which is set to not fall a sleep) and it falls to sleep or slows down

This of course happens only when i leave the computer for a long time, so for me to solve this problem i use AutoClick program for my mouse

I set it to single click the mouse at interval of 1 second to my Desktop and leave the computer for days (Win XP used as my home file server)

I hope this can solve your problems, waiting to see error #4 (hopefully not).

EDIT: Not much of a tech guy but can it be the spikes are cosed by writing all the buffer to the drive for successfully setting it to sleep? Just an idea...

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  • 8 months later...

I seem to have just got this error as well. (uTorrent v1.8.5)

What I've also noticed is that at the bottom I have the message "Disk Overloaded 100%".

I wondered if this has anything to do with the new 4K sector size that some hard drives have started shipping with a while ago and the software required if you use XP (I have one of the Western Digital Advanced Format drives)


Any help?

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