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uTorrent may be corrupting my filesystem...


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First i want to say that im not 100% sure about the issue... so I'm throwing a bone to see if someone knows about my issue or is able to explain what might be wrong.

I'm using uTorrent to download files from all over the internet, including RSS torrent feeds which is automatically downloaded.

i've setup uTorrent to download first into a local Download directory,

when finished, the files are copied into a NAS ( a USB Drive attached to my WDTV-Live, accessible over the LAN )

all in all, this setup works great and i never need to touch anything for it to work.


from time to time, i'm experiencing problems with the filesystem on the USB Drive on my WDTVLive... files are missing, folders are missing, files are inaccessible, files are corrupt...

could this be because of uTorrent ??

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I have one of those drives, it too was clicking - if you look on the Seagate site there is a 50+ page thread of annoyed users and Seagate denials!

What I can say is that the drive itself is okay - there is a fault in the case design - if you open it there is a metal box over the electronics.... look on youtube there is a how-to on solving the problem, it's an occasional short.

I hated the case so i just put the drive in a new caddy and it's fine.


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