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Two Questions if anyone can help please :)


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Well here's my first problem im having - i am registered to private trackers that have an RSS Feed. but when i set it up. and click the links etc ( Utorrent pops up "Label error Syntax error" -although given a few seconds to a minute or so. when i click that rss feed in the bottom left panel. it shows there all their (eg the music or movies etc) i right click>download. "Http Error"

Can anyone help with this?

Also the 2nd question. im downloading at anything between 350kb/s and i know its using 3.50mb/s of my broadband line as i have a broadband monitor tool and shows me everything im using. is their any possible way of getting UTorrent to display my speeds in MB/s rather than it being it in KB/s(as it is now)?


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