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Seeder Woes

nameless nOOb

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hey, new to the biz and enjoying it for the most part....

Down to business: When there are [say] 32S/72L and a 'full' health bar (torrentspy search), my dl speeds are dead at ~5kB/s. uTorrent (unlike torrentspy's search) shows that there are NO seeders :/ .

Attempted using uTorrent's 1.4.2 BETA, as suggested by purplehazer in 1c3d0g's mini-guide on speed issues (read it... nothing), did nothing but increase upload speeds to 40kB/s~, which I suspect is not doing wonders for my issue (I'm proud to be a seeder, but I suspect that I could do greater good if I could finish my dl quicker) =D.

Suggestions are appreciated and fixes will be worshiped :D

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