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If you don't see your torrent files, try this


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It's not the only answer and won't solve every issue, of course, but if whatever happened to me is happening to you, it might be worth a shot

When uTorrent did not open with any of my torrent files listed that were previously there, I did the following steps and got it working.

Turned off - auto load torrents (Options >Preferences >Other Options)

Made sure the directories for torrents, finished torrents, files, and finished files were all different, and of course, all torrent files were in the torrent directory.

(Options >Preferences >Folder Options).

--I know most of you'all know this, but I just want to be complete for anyone who doesn't--

I individually removed the .loaded suffix, which was on all the torrents. (In Windows Explorer)

Then, File >Add torrent

highighted all torrent files and clicked Open to add them all to uTorrent

Highlighted all the files in uTorrent and right-clicked >Stop and then >Force Re-check

After that, one by one they re-checked and then I highlighted them all again and clicked on >Start

Now it works

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