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interface stops updating in secondary monitor with ultramon


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i have 2 monitors and i'm using ultramon ( a multi monotor appl) to manage both of them. when i send the µtorrent window from one desktop to the other the interface stops updating all numbers,i.e. the upload/download rates in the main window and the status bar, the speed graph... it is interesting that the program still responds to clicking and also still is transferring data but the interface data is frozen. thanks

P.S: this doesnt happen with any other program as of yet

update: it doesnt stall when i drag the window unmaximized to the other monitor, it does so when dragged maximized. and also when i start/pause/queue/stop in updates just once then freezes again. tried changing the interface update time, no change. it isnt as much of an annoyance because i can still just drag the window and then maximize it in the other monitor but that just goes against the purpose of having ultramon and its shortcuts for dispatching windows to the different screens with one click or keyboard shortcut. weird!

Solution: clicked on a start/stop torrent 3 times in a quick succession and interface got back alive! woohoo! still weird tho!

update : that wasnt a solution as i repeated the expriment with no result. so i thought it was just a coincidence.

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